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Condominium Inspection

$175 Studio. $200 under 500 sq ft. $275 up to 1000 Sq ft. $25 for each additional 500 sq ft

  • 1 h 30 min
  • from $175

Service Description

Condos are ideal for investors who want stylish amenities, minimal maintenance and the ability to live in coveted locations. Before agreeing to purchase a condo in Downtown San Diego, however, it is important to look for signs of damage that the seller hasn’t disclosed. A comprehensive inspection will include a review of both the interior and exterior of the property. It will also entail an in-depth examination of all common areas and recent HOA minutes. Following is the essential condo checklist for all prospective condo buyers. 1. Plumbing Check to see that the water heater is up to code and look for signs of past water damage or current leaks around all fixtures, sinks, pipes and appliances. It is also important to check the water pressure in the unit by flushing the toilet. 2. Bathrooms and Kitchen Areas The kitchen and bathrooms should be well-maintained with cabinets and drawers that are easy to open and close. Make sure that there are no gaps in the caulking around shower and tub areas and check all appliances to ensure that these are clean and in good condition. 3. HVAC and Electrical System Check all electrical outlets, switches and lights to determine whether or not these are functioning like they should. Electrical testers are often used by inspectors to verify that all outlets are working. The HVAC system should also be capable of both cooling and heating the property within an acceptable amount of time. 4. Door and Windows Doors should have a tight seal when closed so that no air can enter the unit or leave it. These should also be hung sufficiently low for preventing drafts. Windows shouldn’t have condensation or the telltale signs of recent mold. It is additionally important to test the doorbell. 5. Signs of Water Damage on the Ceiling and Floors Check for signs of past water damage on the ceiling and floors. Loose floorboards, tiles, or carpeting are indicative of a previous flood. Water spots or bulges on the ceiling indicate previous water damage from above. Inspectors should additionally check for signs of water damage just outside of the front door in order to determine whether or not water supply lines have developed leaks in the past. 6. The Property Exterior Make sure that outdoor lighting is both adequate and functional and that all walkways are clear of debris. Landscaped areas should be well-maintained and in-tune with the general atmosphere of the living community.

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